Our Main INgridient is

Peace Of Mind

All we had to do was to be


It was the year 2020 when we answered the call. The silent message that our bodies and our planet have been sending for generations finally got its reply. And all we had to do was to be mindful of everything we use on our bodies and everything we throw back into the environment. So we made it our mission to provide nothing but effective products that give utmost care to consumers, to the planet, and to the community.

The Genesis of

Our Story.

You can expect that as The Mentis Company, it is our sincere intention to continue the story and put out more products crafted from oxygen and plant based natural technologies. We envision a rich collection of non-toxic body care products, baby products, and home goods, all made to increase your quality of life while staying environmentally friendly.

Be Mentis


Let us help you elevate the way you make smart buying decisions. With every purchase of the O2 Cleanser, 5% will be donated towards charities and organizations helping poverty-stricken communities in the US and around the world gain access to clean water. With this initiative, we are working together to make access to clean water and safe sanitation a priority for all of us.
Moreover, we are on the verge of contributing a portion of every transaction to tree planting movements so we can all secure a better future for our families.

We are making it possible for you to stay on top of giving back. Not only to yourself, but to the environment and the people around you,